SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2024

People receive R350 Grant payments through the SASSA gold card but in 2024 majority of the cards have expired and people found the SASSA Gold card expiry date not issued but some on different platforms people are spreading the wrong news about them. Everybody asking about the SASSA gold card renewal process but PostBank issued a press release for all people who do not need to change or renew their gold cards because it will work throughout the year 2024. All news is wrong if you do not renew you will not receive payment. This gold card is valid for 2024 just for the R350 grant payment.

SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2024

Recently Postbank issued an official notification all gold cards are in working throughout the 2024 year and people can receive R350 grant payment. No need to renew a card and use it throughout this year. But in case of any issue you want to renew your gold card. The procedure is given below.

SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2024

SRD Status Check


SASSA Card Renewal Method

People who have an SASSA gold card now asking about the method of renewal if it has expired. So, the most convenient method is now available and read the below instructions.

  • If you have the official helpline number of Post Bank then just dial.
  • The customer care officer will talk with you and told the SASSA card renewal.
  • It will ask for some info just for verification.
  • You will give all valid info and it will forward the request to the related department for renewal of your card.

Another Method:

  • Visit the nearest branch of Post Bank.
  • Must bring a South African ID.
  • Take an application for card renewal.
  • Fill and attach all required documents.

SASSA Card Not Working What can I do?

Sometimes due to technical errors Gold Card Not Working at ATM don’t panic when try after a few minutes. If again card is not working then contact on SASSA helpline number or the Bank helpline. The customer care officer will solve your issue on call. If again your SASSA card does not work then visit the nearest bank branch and share all your problems. It will solve the issue on the spot. Check the reasons of Why Is My Sassa Money Not in?

Which Post Offices Renew SASSA Cards?

Currently, no information exists related to which post offices renew SASSA Cards. If you are interested in renewing your cards then visit the nearest branch of the Post Office and ask this question or call at sassa helpline. Hopefully, it will guide you properly which post offices are giving this option.

How to Withdraw Money without an SASSA Card?

Right now single option exist to withdraw money from the SASSA grant without a card which are given below. Follow the below instructions and receive an R350 payment without a card.

SASSA OTP Withdrawal

  • If you have not attached their bank account for the R350 grant then you can get cash from the nearest authorized pick-up point of SASSA.
  • When your application is approved then it will send an OTP code to your registered mobile number.
  • You will give an OTP code at the SASSA cash pick-up point along with an ID card and it will give you cash.
  • Your status will be updated to “Payment Received”.

Can I Renew my SASSA Card Online?

Right now, no online procedure exists to renew their SASSA card. If your card has expired then you need to visit the branch but due to a shortage of time, they want to renew online. Currently, this option {Online Card Renewal} does not exist but in the future, if launched then we will share it.

My SASSA Card Declined How can I fix it?

Behind several reasons to delined SASSA card. Sometimes your grant is approved but your payment is under processing. If your card is in fraud-related activities then you will be declined and firslty SASSA investigate this matter and then elgible your card for transaction.

People who are ready to receive the coming payments of the R350 grant are much worried about them. On this page, today just we discuss the SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2024 which is written above. If the bank again issues a new statement about the Gold Card expiration then we will update this page.

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