SASSA SRD Status Check for R350 Payment Status 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a pivotal role in assisting individuals during economic hardships. A key service they offer is the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. This guide focuses on helping you navigate the 350 status check process, ensuring you stay informed about your R350 grant in 2024. The SRD grant symbolizes a lifeline for those grappling with financial challenges. It reflects SASSA’s dedication to mitigating economic difficulties, particularly for the most affected communities. Understanding the significance of this grant is essential for those looking to perform an SRD status check.

SRD Status Check-SASSA Status Check 2024

The SASSA Status Check tool is invaluable for tracking your eligibility and understanding the nuances of the R350 payment. This section delves into the step-by-step process of using the tool, ensuring you can easily navigate through the SRD status check procedure.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your ID number.
  3. Provide your phone number.
  4. Click the ‘Submit’ button to view your status.

This process is crucial for keeping track of your grant, understanding payment schedules, and handling rejections.

Status Meaning

It’s essential to comprehend what different statuses mean in the SRD status check. Here, we break down each status, from ‘Pending’ to ‘On Hold’, helping you understand your current position in the SRD grant process.

Pending If your status update is “Pending” then meaning means your application was submitted successfully and is now being processed by SASSA.
Approved The meaning of this status is your application has been approved and you are eligible to take a grant.
Rejected When you do not meet the criteria then SASSA updates the “Rejected” status.
Awaiting Info When SASSA required additional information or documents they updated the “Awaiting Info” status.
Payment Error During payment processing when an issue occurs then “Payment Error” update.
In Review Application is currently under processing then “In Review” status update.
On Hold When you see the status “On Hold” then understand your application needs to further action required.
Mean Income Source Identified
If SASSA management finds you another source of income then it will suspend your grant.


SRD SASSA Status Check

Alternative Methods for SRD Status Check

Besides the online SRD status check, there are several other ways to stay updated:

    1. Helpline Number: Provides direct assistance.
    2. Moya App: A convenient app-based method.
    3. Physical Visit: Direct interaction at SASSA offices.
    4. WhatsApp and Govchat: Easy-to-use digital platforms.

Each method is detailed, ensuring you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Helpline Number for Direct Assistance

The helpline is an ideal solution for those without internet access or who prefer speaking to a representative. Direct communication can help clarify complex issues and provide immediate assistance.

  • Dial the official SASSA helpline number “080 060 1011”. Once connected, you’ll be guided by an operator through the status check process.
  • Have your ID number and registered mobile number ready, as these will be required for verification.

Moya App – A Convenient App-Based Method

It’s a data-free solution, making it accessible for those with limited internet access. The Moya App is available on the Google Play Store. Download and install it on your mobile device.

  • After installation, register with your South African ID Number and mobile number. You’ll receive an OTP for verification.
  • The app’s dashboard allows you to select the month for which you want to check the SRD status. This service is free, and no data costs are incurred.

Physical Visit to SASSA Offices

You can find the nearest SASSA office through their official website or by inquiring via the helpline.

  • Ensure you have your ID and any relevant documentation.
  • At the office, you will be assisted by SASSA staff who can check your SRD status on the spot.
  • This method is particularly helpful for resolving complex issues or submitting additional documentation.

WhatsApp Status Check Method

  • Save the SASSA WhatsApp number “082 046 8553” to your contacts.
  • Open WhatsApp, find the saved SASSA number, and send a message with the text “SASSA”.
  • You’ll receive automated prompts. Reply with “SRD R350 Application” to proceed with the status check.

This method is user-friendly and beneficial for those who are comfortable with using WhatsApp.

Govchat for Interactive Communication

  • Visit the Govchat platform by going to Or Download and install the application.
  • Register using your details and navigate to the section related to SASSA grants.
  • Govchat allows you to chat live with a SASSA representative, providing an interactive way to resolve issues or check your SRD status.

Direct communication with a representative can be more reassuring for complex queries or issues.

Application Status

If you asked for help from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and want to know how your request is going, it’s easy! SASSA has simple ways to check your application status, so you always know what’s happening. You can do it online on their website, make a free phone call, or visit a SASSA office. Just follow these steps to keep up to date with your SASSA application. All the methods are given above follow anyone to check the status.

SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates

The SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates is like a helpful tool for people in South Africa who get the R350 social relief grant. It’s an online service that lets them easily check when they will get their money. This is important because the grant helps people who really need financial help. The SASSA Status Check makes sure the process is clear and easy to understand.

Grant Month Older Persons Grant Disability Grant Childrens Grant
February 02-02-24 05-02-24 06-02-24
March 05-03-24 06-03-24 07-03-24

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Why SASSA Payment Not Received?

If your application is approved and payment has been issued by SASSA but still you have not received then the following reasons come.

1st Reason Due to Holidays or Weekend.
2nd Reason Again Verification
3rd Reason You are not eligible but mistakenly Approve Application.
4th Reason Banking Account Issue that is attached with SASSA.
5th Reason Due to payment processing error.
6th Reason Banking Issues
7th Reason Incomplete Application

Mostly this problem comes when people change their account details. When you add a new bank account SASSA again verifies all details even the contact number. People who are using more than one number forget the number that was mentioned on the SASSA application. Until SASSA verifies all details then payment will not be created into your bank account.

Don’t worry today visit the nearest office of SASSA or call on helpline number and discuss all problems with the helpline members. Hopefully, they will give a solution to your issue.

SRD Appeal Status Check

After rejection, people can again submit an appeal application within a specific time period. This month several people received the status of application rejected and have again submitted appeals. Now, they looking at the current appeal status. Follow the below procedure.

  • Visit the official web portal of SASSA.
  • Login to their account.
  • Choose “R350 Appeal Status”.
  • Enter your ID and RN number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

People who submit first-time applications enter some invalid info so that’s why they reject applications. But when they reject they must mention reason. At the time of submission must verify the details.

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payment?

When SASSA approves SRD payment then inform through portal. The most appropriate way to receive payment is by bank. The majority of the people attach their bank and SASSA administration directly to your account. Other people who have not attached banks now seeking which platform exists where we can receive grant payments.

  • SASSA Bank Account
  • Post Office Branches
  • Pick-N-Pay
  • Boxer Stores
  • Bank Mobile Money Transfer
  • Cash Send

How Many Types of SASSA Grants Exist?

Right now 7 multiple SASSA grants are available in South Africa according to the “Social Assistance Act of 2004“.

  1. Social relief of distress
  2. Child support
  3. Foster child
  4. Older persons
  5. Disability
  6. Grant-in-aid
  7. Care dependency

Note: The eligibility criteria for each grant are different. Before filling out the application form must see the criteria and then apply.


Is R350 extended?

Some media persons ask questions from the “official” regarding the SASSA R350 grant end. Mr. President said, Yes we are ready to close the R350 grant but not in 2024 while it will end in March 2025. All eligible people will be granted till 2025. So, don’t panic because people who submit their applications and have approved them will be paid grants by SASSA to these applicants. Around 7 Million people are getting payments on a monthly basis.

Banking Details

People who permanently receive grants every month can change their banking details. If you have already changed then must verify and check the latest status because at the of payment receiving you don’t face any problem. Already many people have shifted from one bank to another and have updated their banking details but once time again want to confirm. Now, you can do it.


What is the SRD Status Check?

The SRD status check is a process that allows individuals who have applied for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to track the status of their application and payments.

How do I check my SRD status online?

  • Visit the SASSA SRD website at, enter your South African ID number and the mobile phone number used during the application, and click submit to view your current status.

What does the ‘Pending’ status mean in my SRD application?

A ‘Pending’ status means that your application has been received and is currently being processed by SASSA.

My SRD status is ‘Approved’, but I haven’t received payment. Why?

This could be due to various reasons, including banking details verification or processing delays. It’s recommended to check with your bank or contact SASSA directly for specific information.

Can I appeal if my SRD application is rejected?

Yes, if your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision. You should do this within the given timeframe by following the appeal process outlined on the SASSA website.

How can I update my contact details for the SRD grant?

To update your contact details, visit the SASSA SRD website or contact their customer service. It’s important to keep your details updated to ensure you receive all necessary communications.

What should I do if my SRD status check fails?

If you experience issues with the status check, you can try again later as it could be due to system errors. Alternatively, you can use other methods like the SASSA hotline, WhatsApp, or visiting a local SASSA office for assistance.