SRD SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Status 2023/2024

Note: People who have applied for R350 now can check SRD SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Status 2023/2024 which has been updated by administration.

For the years 2023/2024, needy people who depend on just the SASSA grant will check the status of their next payment. The basic purpose of the status is to know in which phase your application has appeared because firslty just administration checks the details. Further, verify the documents. At the end, they check the monthly income status and then approve. Sometimes, due to a lack of documents and information, they reject your application but if people cannot see its online status then how they can assume the application is approved or not?

SRD Status Check for R350 Payment Status 2023/2024

People who looking current status of the SASSA SRD 350 Grant now just open the below link and the official webpage of this organization will appear. You need to follow all instructions and provide step-by-step information.

Click Here

SRD SASSA Status Check

Is it Possible to Check SRD SASSA Status Online?

Yes, eligible persons male or female can check their status online. Majority of the people never know the procedure of how to check online SASSA Status but we describe some following the steps below. If you follow the same procedure then you will find their current status.

  • Just browse “”.
  • A form will appear on your screen.
  • Enter their original ID number.
  • Give the phone number that exists on your application.
  • Click on the Submit Button.
  • The complete schedule of your grant will show on the screen and you will select the month which you want to check.
  • Your updated status will show in front of your eyes.

This is the most appropriate and easy method to check the online status of the SASSA grant. The basic purpose of a status check is to know whether the application is approved or not. If your application is approved then done otherwise you can resubmit the application within time.

How to find SRD Status Check for R350 on WhatsApp?

Day by Day SASSA management introduce some new ways to check SRD R350 grant. Recently, the WhatsApp method was launched and everyone asked about the method. Step-by-Step procedure about SASSA SRD Status Check written here.

STEP No 1 WhatsApp number released by SASSA is “0820468553”.
STEP No 2 Just save this number on the contact list.
STEP No 3 Open WhatsApp and search for this number.
STEP No 4 Write “SASSA” and send text.
STEP No 5 Within a few seconds, a prompt will be received in the text box and you must reply with “SRD R350 Application”.
STEP No 6 Complete application status of R350 will be provided by SASSA via WhatsApp.

Each person uses WhatsApp in normal routine and this method is more convenient. No doubt, on every level SASSA tries to provide good facilities. Through WhatsApp communication gap between deserving persons and the SASSA administration is removed because people can easily directly chat.

How people can find the SASSA R350 Grant Status on the Phone? Step-by-Step Guide

If you have applied for a social relief R350 grant and want to check the status now Via phone option exists. Everybody can get the status of the SASSA R350 grant on call. But what is the helpline number and which things are required to provide a helpline operator here?

  • Dial “080 060 1011” and connect the call with the helpline operator.
  • Provide your ID and the exact mobile number that was written on the application.
  • An operator will ask some questions.
  • You must provide info with the right details.
  • They will send an OTP code on a registered mobile number and then enter.
  • After following all instructions you will receive the latest SASSA SRD Status through SMS.

R350 Payment Dates

Every time they do not distribute the money among eligible people who proper they announce the first date and another schedule. For the R350 grant those applications that have been approved now applicants are finding the payment dates. Finally, complete the schedule declared which is given below and if you meet the criteria then receive payment on that day.

Also Check: SASSA SRD Payment Dates

  • October 2023
Old People Disable Person Children Grant
Oct 3, 2023 Oct 4, 2023 Oct 5, 2023
  • November 2023
Old People Disable Person Children Grant
Nov 2, 2023 Nov 3, 2023 Nov 6, 2023
  • December 2023
Old People Disable Person Children Grant
Dec 1, 2023 Dec 4, 2023 Dec 5, 2023
  • January 2024
Old People Disable Person Children Grant
Jan 3, 2024 Jan 4, 2024 Jan 5, 2024
  • February 2024
Old People Disable Person Children Grant
Feb 2, 2024 Feb 5, 2023 Feb 6, 2023
  • March 2024
Old People Disable Person Children Grant
Mar 5, 2024 Mar 6, 2024 Mar 7, 2024

Why SASSA Payment Not Received?

If your application is approved and payment has been issued by SASSA but still you have not received then the following reasons come.

1st Reason Due to Holidays or Weekend.
2nd Reason Again Verification
3rd Reason You are not eligible but mistakenly Approve Application.
4th Reason Banking Account Issue that is attached with SASSA.
5th Reason Due to payment processing error.
6th Reason Banking Issues
7th Reason Incomplete Application

Mostly this problem comes when people change their account details. When you add a new bank account SASSA again verifies all details even the contact number. People who are using more than one number forget the number that was mentioned on the SASSA application. Until SASSA verifies all details then payment will not be created into your bank account.

Don’t worry today visit the nearest office of SASSA or call on helpline number and discuss all problems with the helpline members. Hopefully, they will give a solution to your issue.

How to Check R350 Application Appeal Status

After rejection, people can again submit an appeal application within a specific time period. This month several people received the status of application rejected and have again submitted appeals. Now, they looking at the current appeal status. Follow the below procedure.

  • Visit the official web portal of SASSA.
  • Login to their account.
  • Choose “R350 Appeal Status”.
  • Enter your ID and RN number.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

People who submit first-time applications enter some invalid info so that’s why they reject applications. But when they reject they must mention reason. At the time of submission must verify the details.

GRD Grant is Activate how I Know?

Massive strength of poor and deserving people when submitting the application then they never know if it will be approved or not. After that, they check the status of the SRD grant and then the status shows your grant is activated. Nobody knows the exact meaning of this status. So, basically, SASSA management said your grant has been successfully approved. After approval, people find the payment date which is mentioned on your portal. Most important every month they do not distribute the amount on the same date.

For people who have applied for an SRD grant but till now it does not know how to check SASSA grant is activated or not now you can see through a status check. Which procedure do you need to follow for the latest status check?

  • Visit the official webpage.
  • Enter your ID number and register your phone number.
  • A complete schedule will show on the dashboard.
  • Select the month which you want to check
  • After choosing the month, your current status will show approved, denied, and pending.

Who is eligible for the SRD Grant?

For everyone, it is necessary to check the criteria of eligible people for SRD grants. If you want to submit then must terms and conditions.

  • People who are residents of South Africa, special permits, or refuges can apply.
  • You must old in between 18 years to 60 years.
  • People who are unemployed
  • If you are not receiving any financial Govt support.
  • No income to fulfill everyday basic needs.

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payment?

When SASSA approves SRD payment then inform through SMS. The most appropriate way to receive payment is by bank. The majority of the people attach their bank and SASSA administration directly to your account. Other people who have not attached banks now seeking which platform exists where we can receive grant payments.

  • SASSA Bank Account
  • Post Office Branches
  • Pick-N-Pay
  • Boxer Stores
  • Bank Mobile Money Transfer
  • Cash Send

How Many Types of SASSA Grants Exist?

Right now 7 multiple SASSA grants are available in South Africa according to the “Social Assistance Act of 2004“. Names of all grants given for user knowledge and from this {Source} we have collected all details.

  1. Social relief of distress
  2. Child support
  3. Foster child
  4. Older persons
  5. Disability
  6. Grant-in-aid
  7. Care dependency
  8. War Veterans

Note: The eligibility criteria for each grant are different. Before filling out the application form must see the criteria and then apply.

Is this correct SASSA R350 Grant going to End in 2023?

Some media persons ask questions with “President Cyril Ramaphosa” regarding the SASSA R350 grant end. Mr. President said, Yes we ready to close the R350 grant but not in 2023 while it will be end in March 2024. All eligible people will be granted till 2024. So, don’t panic because people who submit their applications and have approved them will be paid grants by SASSA to these applicants. Around 7 Million people are getting payments on a monthly basis.

How to Look Remaining SASSA Balance?

Audiences who receive payment directly into their bank account they asking this question how to check the SASSA Remaining Balance? Follow the below method to get the remaining balance.

  • Bank App
  • Balance Inquiry USSD Code
  • via WhatsApp Number

Bank App

  • You need to just install the bank app to which you received the payment.
  • Just log in to the account. Like, enter your Username and password.
  • Multiple options will be shown on your dashboard.
  • Click on the remaining balance.
  • The available balance will be shown on your mobile.

Balance Inquiry USSD Code

  • Dial “*120*3210#”.
  • Give the correct response to which options appear on your screen.

Via WhatsApp Number

  • Everyone add this number “082 046 8553” into the contact list with the name of SASSA Status Check.
  • Search this number on “WhatsApp”.
  • Write “Status” and send.
  • A prompt will show in the text box and you will fill in all valid details and submit.
  • The current remaining amount that exists will be sent by SASSA office staff.

On Which Platform SASSA Administration Update the Schedule of Payment?

Now eligible people seeking the where payment schedule of SASSA update. So, when SASSA announces the payment schedule then updates on different social media platforms.

  • Official Webpage
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other social media platforms

GET Payment status of SASSA via Govchat

South African government decided to launch a platform for applicants who taking grants from SASSA and facing different problems. Now they can live chat with the agent to discuss payment schedules or dates. It will guide you properly with all the details.

How to Register with this App?

  1. Simply visit ““.
  2. Click on the download button.
  3. Further, install it on mobile.

Status Meaning

When people submit an application the SASSA processing department can update 7 different statuses and each status meaning is different. People who do not know the status meaning can read the below instructions.

Pending If your status update is “Pending” then meaning means your application was submitted successfully and is now being processed by SASSA.
Approved The meaning of this status is your application has been approved and you are eligible to take a grant.
Rejected When you do not meet the criteria then SASSA updates the “Rejected” status.
Awaiting Info When SASSA required additional information or documents they updated the “Awaiting Info” status.
Payment Error During payment processing when an issue occurs then “Payment Error” update.
In Review Application is currently under processing then “In Review” status update.
On Hold When you see the status “On Hold” then understand your application need to further action required.

How to Increase R350 Grant?

People who taking money from SASSA looking is possible to an increase R350 Grant. So, yes you can increase but follow some below steps.

  • Today visit the SASSA Office.
  • Bring all necessary documents {13 digit ID number, marital status, 3-month-old medical report}.
  • Fill out the complete application form.
  • The officer of the R350 grant will interview you.
  • If you meet the criteria then they will provide you slip as a proof and the monthly grant will increase.

Note: If you are medically too ill and never visit the SASSA office then on your behalf another person can apply. But you need to submit the doctor’s advice with this remark this male or female cannot travel.

Check SASSA R350 Banking Details if you have changed.

People who permanently receive grants every month can change their banking details. If you have already changed then must verify and check the latest status because at the of payment receiving you don’t face any problem. Already many people have shifted from one bank to another and have updated their banking details but once time again want to confirm. Now, you can do it.

You can Report Fraud and Misuse of SASSA Grants.

If you see people misusing of SASSA grant or fraud then immediately you can contact with office and report them. On the other hand, you can call on hotline number and write an Email to the Anti Corruption department.

SASSA Fraud Hotline 0800 701 701
Email of Anti-Corruption and Integrity Unit [email protected]

All knowledge about SRD SASSA Status Check which is necessary to know for everybody given. If you have submitted an application and waiting for the response then no more wait because in above mentioned form just enter your ID register your phone number and then click on submit. Your current status will show.


What happens if it fails if you check the grant status?

ANS: No worries because sometimes due to systemic errors and internet connection problems, these types of problems come. In addition, you can face status failure and then apply the below procedure.

  1. Dial the official helpline number of SASSA “0800601011”.
  2. Give them some basic details.
  3. Talk with the SASSA customer care officer and get info about the status.