SASSA Change Phone Number Online

If you have not changed a Phone number then your SRD R350 Grant will not be processed by the SASSA administration. Today SASSA changed phone numbers online to avoid any issues during the process of application.

Your phone number is most important for the R350 grant because if you don’t have mentioned contact details on the SASSA Application then your application will be declined. So, if your phone has been stolen or misplaced then today buy a new phone number and change it on the SASSA application.

Sassa Change Phone Number

Now, the SASSA portal is available where information on each person who registers for the R350 grant is available. A massive strength of people want Srd Change Cellphone Number Online. Few people lost their mobile phones and few people lost their sim cards. Now, you can change the number you need to follow the complete procedure that has been introduced by SASSA. Just log in to this portal and update their contact details immediately because due to lack of information be application will be paued by SASSA.

  • Open SASSA Portal
  • Enter two major things which are 6-Digit “Application ID” and 13-Digit ” South African ID“.
  • One “OTP code” will be received on your register number.
  • You will be entered on Portal.
  • Your complete personal details and application info will show on your screen.
  • Click on the Contact number and update their phone number.
  • Again for verification, they send an OTP code to your new number.
  • You will enter and click on the verify button.
  • After completing the verification process your number will be updated successfully.

When navigating through the SASSA online platform for updating contact details, be sure to double-check and verify the SRD lost phone number for accuracy.

How to Change SRD Phone Number without Application ID?

Yes, people can change their phone numbers online on the SASSA portal without the ID number South African. Follow the below instructions and update contact details.

  • Just call on official helpline number of SASSA.
  • Discuss all situations with a representative of the SRD 350 grant.
  • It will send a link through SMS.
  • You will open this link and enter the required information.
  • Give new contact number.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Your details will be updated within 14 days.

SASSA Change Phone Number Online

At this time you have no need to visit the SASSA office for just change your cellphone. In addition, an online portal is available to update their personal details online. Just log into the SASSA portal and update their contact details for communication between the applicant and SASSA. Further, a complete procedure has been given for user knowledge and if they introduce another way then we will share it with an audience.

SRD Change Number on SASSA Application?

If you submit an application for an SASSA grant but have lost their registered mobile number now you can change it. What are the criteria for changing the mobile number on the application? Step by step is given below.

  • Visit the nearest SASSA office or visit the online portal.
  • Give the required information to prof you are the original person.
  • Update new mobile number.
  • Within 24 hours, it will change your number.

SASSA Change Phone Number Online

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SASSA Register SIM Stolen and Lost then Immediately Report

Sometimes people misplace their registered SIM card which is given on the SASSA application then report. But where people can report this is a major question which comes in every mind. SASSA Introduce portal where people can report easily online.

  • Unfortunately, if your mobile number is misplaced then SASSA gives instructions to all eligible applicants to report on the portal immediately.
  • Firslty open ““.
  • The SASSA official page will be open on your screen.
  • Enter “ID Number“.
  • Further, click on the submit option.
  • Share all details about Lost or Stolen SIM cards.
  • SASSA management will take permission to block your payment until update new contact information.
  • Within 2 Weeks {In between 14 working days} your contact number will be updated.

Important Knowledge: If your application approved and your contact number is miss then maybe another person will receive your monthly grant. Today see the SASSA Payment Schedule and before fund transfer date report and update their contact details.

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My phone number for SRD has been changed without my permission.

A recently eligible person asked a question about my phone number being changed on my SRD grant application without permission. We suggest that all people who have been affected contact with SASSA office and give an application regarding the issue. Hopefully, they will solve your problems. Get the info about How SASSA balance check?


If your number has been lost then no need to take tension because SASSA has introduced an online portal where you can report and solve their issue. Sometimes people are lazy and do not change the info they can different problems in the future like the application being declined etc.

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