How Long Does SASSA Pending Take?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) helps people who need financial support. People who applied for assistance are eagerly waiting to know if their application is approved. In this explanation, we’ll look at why it takes time for SASSA to process applications. We’ll talk about the steps and things that affect how long it takes to get an answer. Knowing these timelines is important for those who depend on SASSA help. It gives them an idea of what to expect from when they apply until they hear if they are approved or not.

How Long Does SASSA Pending Take?

One time if your application is denied due to several reasons and again you submit for an R350 Grant then you need to wait around 90 days. Because SASSA management will not process instant your application. Applicants think that within 10 to 15 days application will be processed by SASSA but it is not correct info. Officially SASSA declares reapplications will be processed within 90 days.

SASSA Pending Status Meaning

When SASSA requires some more documents and you do not submit then it updates your status as “Pending”. The majority of men and women check their status at the time of payment and then worry about why this status has been updated by SASSA. There are some following reasons which discuss below.

  • SASSA needs to require some additional info or documents.
  • If SASSA finds any other source of income then update “Pending Status“.

Here is the latest notification by the officials about the pending payment dates.

How Long Does SASSA Pending Take?

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Causes of SASSA status pending

There are several reasons behind this status “Pending”. People who are uneducated mostly write wrong info because they never understand how to fill out this application.

  • Wrong Information
  • Change Mobile Number
  • Lack of Documents

How Do I Fix Pending Status on Sassa?

People have a habit of performing SRD Status Check at the time of payment. So, when the audience checks after a long time they find SRD R350 Status pending for how long? You need to visit the official portal, helpline, and nearest office where you can find it. Further people who do not know how to check online follow the below steps.

  • Firslty open ““.
  • Write South African ID Number.
  • Enter their Phone Number which was mentioned on the Application.
  • Click on Submit Option.
  • Your complete details of the application will show on the screen.
  • Select the month in which the status is pending.



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What does a SASSA Pending Status mean?

Basically, when you submit an application form incomplete then SASSA management will not process it. They update the status of pending. When applicants contact with SASSA administration they say which documents are missing and which type of information is not correct.

If your grant has not been approved and your status appears as “Pending” then you need to contact SASSA nearest office where a representative will guide you properly. This is complete details regarding SASSA Status Pending.

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