SASSA Child Grant Balance Check Online Application Procedure

To provide financial support to poor children now SASSA introduces a child grant famous name SASSA Child Support Grant. Now, children can fulfill their needs through the SASSA grant but the most important SASSA Child Grant Online Application 2024 step-by-step is given. Regarding this grant, the majority of the people are unaware but everything about this grant is listed below even the payment schedule issued by SASSA. If your children are eligible for the SASSA child grant today fill out an online application form and take a child relief grant.

SASSA Child Grant Balance Check Online

If the children’s grant has been approved by SASSA and deposited into your account then it is easy child support grant balance check online. It depends on you through which channel you have received the amount. If you receive it through the bank then log into the bank app and check the remaining amount.

2nd Option: Visit the nearest SASSA office or call on helpline number. Provide all the information they will tell you the exact details regarding balance.

SASSA Child Grant Application Form PDF

Click Here

Sometimes people do not know how to fill online application for the SASSA Child Grant then they look for the application form in PDF to submit physically at the nearest SASSA office. For those people, it is easy to fill and attach all necessary documents as compared to the online method. This facilitation application in pdf form is now avaialble click here on the above link to download.

  • SASSA affidavit for child support grant you can Click Here
  • To understand how to write affidavit for sassa child grant you can call at 0800 601 011

What documents do I Need to Apply for SASSA Child Grant?

  • Original documents or certified copies that prove eligibility must be provided to apply for child support grants for the guardian.
  • A birth notification by the child’s caregiver in the language of the caregiver is acceptable for registration purposes as long as it allows the authorities to identify the child, and this should be submitted at a welfare office.
  • A birth certificate in the child’s language that is not in one of the official languages must be submitted with a sworn translation to be accepted for registration purposes.
  • The birth certificate must be submitted in one of the official languages for it to be accepted for registration purposes.
  • The following documents are needed for registration:
  • A sworn statement or a birth notification in the caregiver’s language.
  • A court order.
  • A birth certificate in any language.
  • A birth certificate in one of the official languages if it has been translated.
  • A sworn statement or birth notification in the caregiver’s language is necessary for the Home Affairs office to ensure that they can communicate effectively with the child, and the child’s caregiver, and to confirm that the child is being cared for properly.
  • Get the idea of SASSA Status Declined Alternative Income.

SASSA Child Grant Application Requirements

  • A certified copy of the ID of the applicant and a Certified Copy of the ID/birth certificate of the child.
  • Certified Copy of Proof of Spousal Relationship/ Marital status (i.e. Marriage Certificate/ Decree of Divorce/ Death Certificate).
  • Certified Copy of Identity document of the spouse – if married;
  • Proof of Income—if means is declared.
  • If no income is declared, an affidavit to that effect is required.
  • Proof that the applicant is the primary caregiver of the child.
  • Proof of school attendance (encourage children to attend school), if not attached application will still be processed.
  • Confirmation of Banking Details i.e. Certified Copy of Bank Statement.

Who Qualifies for Sassa Child Grant:

  • Children must be permanent citizens of South Africa or refugees.
  • If your children are below {18 Years} then it is eligible for a SASSA grant.
  • Already child does not receive any type of support like financial and other from any state institute.
  • More than six non-biological children caretakers can not apply.

How to Apply for SASSA Child Grant Online?

Through the official portal SASSA, you can submit an online application but applicants who going for the first time to Apply must read the below instructions.

  • Firslty visit “”.
  • If you have not created an account then firslty register or if the account exists then just log in.
  • Click on the Child Grant option.
  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Upload all required documents by SASSA.
  • Click on the Submit option.

Note: Every day must check their status because they update online. Sometimes they decline your application and just update it online. So, that’s why we suggest checking your status every day. Also, get the idea of SASSA R350 Grant Payment Date.

Child Support Grant Payment Date

The payout department of SASSA issued the date schedule of child grant payments for February, March, April, and May, which are given below table.

Month Date
February 6 Feb 2024
March 7 March 2024
April 6 April 2024
May 7 May 2024


SASSA Child Grant not Paid

If your question is I didn’t receive my child support grant? Then the answer is mostly on Weekends and during holidays payment department of SASSA does not issue payments. That’s why people are worried and searching for why SASSA has not issued child payments. On every point, SASSA updates your status online.

If you are eligible for the grant but your amount is not paid then no issue due to the holiday they will be paid in working days. Moreover, if you have not checked their latest status and you finding out why the payment was not issued. Then you need to check the firslty status and if the application is canceled then read the reason mentioned along with the status. Also check SASSA Phone Numbers.

How Much is SASSA Child Grant?

R510 Each Child

The SASSA child grant increase to around R10 and now the total amount is R510. When people hear that SASSA pays some additional to another child then everybody searches for how much is SASSA child grant is this month. So, the basic amount of the SASSA child relief grant is R500 but they give an additional amount to the children who have submitted their grant increase.

Children who are spending difficult like now can take the SASSA child grant and fulfill their daily life needs. SASSA management issued the complete criteria for a grant which is discussed above. Further, all information related to SASSA Child Grant Online Application 2024 has been discussed and if you feel like asking more questions just drop their question in the comment box.

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