How To Check SASSA Balance for R350 Online?

Today get the SRD SASSA Balance if your grant has been approved. This option exists by SASSA because sometimes people forget their remaining balance. Collect the How To Check SASSA Balance for R350 Online? for Young, Old, and Child grants. There are several ways to get the info about the remaining balance like SMS, APP, and Online web portal. Each method procedure is different which is given step by step below.

How To Check SASSA Balance?

If you receive a SASSA grant and have used some money but want to know the remaining amount then which ways exist to get an available balance? The easiest way is through SMS but if you have internet then you can get online. Thousand of people have received their grants from SASSA and use the amount for different purposes but now people asking regarding check remaining amount that is available in their accounts.


  • If you have received the amount through your bank account then log in to their bank portal and check the remaining amount.
  • You can visit the nearest office of SASSA administration where all information related current balance exists.
  • Moreover, people can get the remaining amount through mobile phone which procedure is listed below.
  • If you receive SASSA SRD 350 grant through e-wallet then check online.

SRD Status Check



Check SASSA Balance Via USSD

Sometimes due unavailability of the internet people check their remaining amount of SRD GRANT through their mobile phones with the help of a USSD code. Which type of USSD code is necessary to check the balance and what is the procedure? Info regarding both topics is given below.

  • Firslty Open the mobile and dial “*120*3210#“.
  • Different options will be shown on your screen.
  • You will choose according to require like checking the remaining amount.
  • Provide all valid information like South African ID, registered mobile number, and some other details.
  • You will receive the remaining amount through SMS.
  • Also check the procedure of SASSA Status Pending.

e-Wallet Balance Check Method

Majority of the people use a bank account to receive an SRD grant because this is the easiest way to get fast payment. If you consume some amount from the R350 grant that was received in the E-Wallet then you need to log in online bank app or e-wallet to check the SASSA Grant remaining amount.


SASSA Disability Grant Balance Check

Everything about how to check SASSA remaining credit amount in the account procedure is discussed above step by step. Choose any single method and read all instructions. In case of any issue, you can call at SASSA Phone Numbers.

How to Check Balance on SASSA grant card?

ANS: If you withdraw the grant amount through a Card then you can check the remaining amount through ATM machine. The method of the remaining balance check is given below.

  • Enter card in ATM machine.
  • Give a unique PIN number or password.
  • Different options will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the remaining balance check option.
  • Your current balance will be shown on your screen.
Every month thousands of people receive SASSA grants and fulfill their daily needs. SASSA grants are only for poor and needy people. People who receive their grant now ask how to check the remaining amount that exists in the account. All possible details that are helpful in finding the remaining amount are given above.

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