SASSA Status Declined Alternative Income

If SASSA management identifies another source of income then your grant will be rejected immediately. These days, people seeking info about SASSA Declined Because of Alternative Income Source Identified. Yes, this is real if the SASSA administration finds another income source your grant will be stopped. Basically, SASSA always ensures monthly grants are delivered to poor and needy people. Sometimes people submit applications for grants due to being unemployed but during the grant, if you start a job, or business and earn through other ways then you will not be eligible for an SASSA grant.

SASSA Status Declined Alternative Income

Recently we have noticed many people are facing the issue of sassa status check failed. When your other income source is identified then this type of status appears. Moreover, if you have not earned money in another way but SASSA management updates this status then visit the office and clear all things.


  • SASSA openly announces if you receive a monthly “Rand 595 per month” then you will not qualify for an R350 grant.
  • Further, if your income is below then you will be eligible for the SASSA SRD.
  • SASSA manages all things online systemically.
  • When above ZAR 595 will be created into your account. The system automatically notes and changes your status.
  • But due to a system error if SASSA identifies wrong income details then you can send again Appear.
  • Have a look at SASSA Status Pending.

SASSA Declined Because of Alternative Income Source Identified

The government introduced different schemes for people facilitation and no doubt thousands of people take benefit. So, the government said if you are already getting benefits from an existing program then you are not eligible for another. So, that’s why millions of people receive R350 grants on a monthly basis and when SASSA identifies this person as getting grants from another government relief program then they take action.

What does it mean when Means Income Source Identified?

Simply if you start earning above Rand 595 and taking a monthly grant from SASSA then you are not eligible. Besides, if your monthly income is below R 595 then you meet the criteria of the SASSA grant. All banks that are working in South Africa are connected with SASSA and provide all info of bank account holders to SASSA every minute. Check the details about Moya App SASSA 350.

Every day SASSA checks the income status of all eligible people because people trying to do a job. People receive wages through banking because all systems are centralized. People pay taxes on a monthly basis and the government spends on local public.

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