Why Is My Sassa Money Not in Approved but No Payment?

The administration of the SASSA processes applications step by step but people think it will issue payment immediately. That is wrong because when your application status appears approved then the payment department will decide on which date payment will be sent to the applicant’s account. People who have applied for R350 grants and now when it checks current status then “Application Approve” status appears along with “No Payment Date” so they worried about them. There are several reason to stop payment issued. Today we will just discuss this topic.

Why Is My Sassa Money Not in?

If the application is approved but payment is not issued then no worries because sometimes they take a few time to decide the payment issued date. Behind all reasons to stop issuing payment or if the status is approved then not issued reasons are listed below.

  • Verification Process
  • Bank Account Issues
  • Administrative Delays
  • Technical Glitches
  • Communication Gap

Why Is My Sassa Money Not in Approved but No Payment?

Verification Process

When an applicant submit application for grant then they verify their complete details like documents, eligibility criteria, and another source of income. Sometimes people do not cooperate with them during the verification process. So, that’s why they delay your application.

Bank Account Issued

Right now majority of the people add accounts with SASSA to receive monthly grants into their bank accounts. But sometimes people change their bank details 1 or 2 days ago due to payment issues. When you provide new bank details then SASSA requires 24 to 48 hours for verification of bank account.

Administrative Delays

If the administration requires some additional information or documents but you do not provide then administrative delay comes during the process of your application. But when people see their status then shows the application approved exculde the payment date and amount. People search for SASSA R350 Approved but no payment reason or solution we suggest that everybody contact SASSA and give all information. Get details about your payment date at SRD Status Check.

Technical Glitches

Sometimes during the application process, technical glitches come and stop your amount. So, if you are facing this issue as the application is approved but no payment into your bank account then today contact SASSA to share their problem. Hopefully, it will be issued within one or two days.

Communication Gap

We have already discussed above when SASSA requires more documents and info related to bank accounts, etc than it wants to communicate with them but due to a communication gap, they do not send money into your account. Remove the communication gap and give all additional documents today it will release your payment.

Just for applicants who applied for the SASSA R350 grant but have been approved but still have not payment issued knowledge discussed above. Further, if SASSA stops your payment and mentions the reason then we will give you a solution. Moreover, to solve problems you can contact SASSA.


SASSA R350 Approved but No Payment?

ANS: Most of the time SASSA completes the process of your application and at the time of payment issuance they find another source of income then it will stop your grant and not send it to your bank. One more thing, if you give the wrong account number then SASSA will stop your payment.

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