SASSA Disability Grant Online Application 2024, How much is?

For that people who are mentally and physically disabled now can get the SASSA Disability Grant which has been started to operate. This grant is just for disabled people who are medically unfit and cannot go to work for the previous six months. Management of SASSA has issued the criteria for Disability grants which are given below. Moreover, today submit an online application form and every month collect a specified amount offered by SASSA for those people.

SASSA Disability Grant

If you are disabled and not able to work physically or mentally then you can get an Disability grant which offered by SASSA. The application submission process is too easy and people can submit online. Before submit must read the criteria that have been issued by SASSA.

Online Application Form

People who are disabled now find the Disability Grant Online Application. You can give an online application and its procedure is given below. If you submit physically then no issue because the SASSA office is open in every city of South Africa so just visit and submit your application.

  • You need to open ““.
  • If you visit 1st time then first create their account otherwise just log in with a South African ID and Registered mobile number.
  • Click on the Grant option.
  • Choose the Disability Grant SASSA.
  • Fill online application form along with valid info.
  • All attach required medical documentation according to need.
  • Click on the Submit option.
    Don’t forget to perform SRD Status Check.

SASSA Disability Grant Online Application 2024, How much is?

Who Qualify for the Grant?

Nobody knows Who Qualifies for the Disability Grant because if people meet the criteria then they can take otherwise application will be rejected. Must read the criteria for disable grant.

  • People must be permanent residents of South Africa.
  • 18 to 59 year old people.
  • Not received any Aid from another government department.
  • 13 Digit ID is necessary.
  • Below single person earning R86 280 and married R172 560.
  • For single person below asset R1 227 600 and married person R2 455 200.
  • Take a medical certificate of Disability from SASSA authorized doctor.
  • At the time of medical examination must bring old reports and records.

Also, read the information related to Check SASSA Balance.

How Much Is Disability Grant?

People do not know about the Disable grant amount which is R2090 while as per some rumors, SASSA increased this grant to around R10 more.

Definitely, disabled people cannot do any single work especially mentally and physically. When people apply for a SASSA Disable grant they must search amount of this grant.

Is Disable Grant increased by SASSA? Read or Fake:

Yes, SASSA increased the amount of the Disable grant which is R10. From October 2023 people will receive R2090. This news is read not fake.


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